'Sun Flare' Hand Forged Katana

The 'Sun Flare' Hand Forged Minamoto Katana.
'Sun Flare' Hand Forged Katana.

The 'Sun Flare' Hand Forged Minamoto Katana is a traditionally hand forged katana, made of folded steel. The folding process removes impurities from the steel, leaving only the finest quality steel. It is hammered and heated and hammered and heated until the perfect blade is formed. It is quenched for the perfect hardness. The wooden handle (Tsuka) and sheath (Saya) are painted orange and decorated with Japanese symbols and writing.

Overall Length (cm) 104
Blade Length (cm) 72
Handle Length (cm) 27
Blade Width (cm) 3
Blade Thickness (cm) 0.75
Blade Material Hand Forged 1045 Steel
Handle Material Wood
Blade Hardness HRC 45
Saya Material Hard Wood
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