Foam Excalibur LARP Sword

Foam Excalibur LARP Sword
This Excalibur sword is full size at 110cm. It is made of high endurance foam with a latex exterior. This sword is very detailed and looks like the real thing. It is also extremely durable. Me and my friends have had full power 'sparring' sessions where we hit the other persons sword at full power. No damage is done to the sword. They are extremely tough and surprisingly heavy. Ideal for LARP events. Approved for LARP Use. Extremely Durable as Practice Weapons. 110cm long. Extremely Well Balanced. Incredibly Detailed Appearance. Made from High Quality Latex. Very Safe to Use .
Material High Quality Latex
Overall Length 110cm
Blade Length 84cm
Handle High Quality Latex
Unit Weight 0.5kg
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